Construction Services
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At Suncoast Construction & Development Company, our service can begin at any phase of the project from site acquisition analysis to actual construction. We routinely provide a full range of professional construction services to commercial, institutional, and multi-family residential customers all over the Sunshine State (Florida).  Involving Suncoast Construction & Development Company early in your project means that costs and scheduling are better controlled, constructability is maintained and sometimes costly duplicated efforts are eliminated. Our diverse experience gives us the ability to move projects smoothly from concept to completion. Our unwavering commitment to client service is one of the reasons we are called on time and time again to meet the needs of each individual and unique construction project.


Safety is a primary concern at Suncoast Construction & Development. Our continued emphasis on safety has resulted in an insurance modifier well below the industry norm. With "Safety First" being more than a "buzzword", senior management visits all of our projects periodically (and without prior notice to our crews), performs staff training and networks with others to insure safe working conditions are being maintained. Safety meetings are held at each Suncoast Construction & Development jobsite with our own employees and subcontractors to stress the importance of jobsite safety.


Suncoast Construction & Development works closely with the Client and Architect to ensure a quality project through the preparation of detailed and comprehensive project estimates and construction schedules. We also develop the most beneficial construction sequence to meet the Client's needs. We perform detailed reviews of the documents as they progress, commenting on the constructability and the coordination of architectural, structural, and MEP plans. These meticulous reviews, done in cooperation with the Client and Architect, will yield the absolute maximum value for the Client.

Construction Management

Based on specific Client's needs, Suncoast Construction & Development is experienced in fulfilling the role of construction manager. As construction manager, we work with the Client and Architect to define project criteria and objectives. Additionally, we offer our full services to budget, estimate, bid and buy-out projects under the Client's interest and can supervise, coordinate and direct project operations as the Client's agent.

General Construction

Our experience and reputation is built on fulfilling our Clients' needs; our future depends on it. As a full service construction services provider, we work closely with the entire project team from project concept to completion. We are staffed in our main office to provide timely, accurate, administrative purchasing and scheduling support for the field operations. Our general superintendent, safety director, and warehouse personnel directly support our field operations which routinely self-perform selective demolition, layout and quality control, foundations, site utilities, rough and finish carpentry, and miscellaneous specialties. This hands on approach helps to maintain quality and schedule.

Design Build

The Design-Build project delivery system provides for one point of contact for the project planning, design, and construction. Other benefits include accurate budgeting through detailed Owner/Architect/Contractor meetings and increased value through planning and coordination of the construction documents. The Design-Build process allows construction activities to begin while construction drawings are being completed, which condenses the overall project schedule and therefore costs.

Quality Control

Through time tested monitoring and implementation procedures, Suncoast Construction & Development is committed to delivering a quality final product. The procedures begin in the pre-construction phase with constructability reviews, materials and systems investigations, and sub-contractor selection. We provide as many full scale mock-ups as required, often even before construction begins to give everyone a better understanding of the final product. After construction begins, we conduct a series of pre-installation conferences to coordinate work within each trade and among the various trades, we maintain a clean and safe jobsite, and we employ detail oriented field supervision.


Repeat business is our goal which is achieved by our unwavering commitment to client satisfaction. This commitment does not end with the completion of the project. Although we strive through our quality control program to eliminate warranty needs, when they arise we treat them as top priority to minimize any inconvenience to our Clients.


Major Construction

Suncoast Construction & Development can do it all!  Ask about any project you have in mind be it an addition to your business or building an entire condominium complex...we CAN do it!  We have teams with tens of years experience in both Major Projects and small jobs.  We can do it all from the infrastructure all the way to roofing. 

New Home

Planning a new house? Please come to us from the beginning. We will help you plan your home with an emphasis on your kitchen and bathrooms. The architect will do the balance of the design work. We will do all cabinets and counters, with contractor doing all other work.

Your home purchase represents one of the largest investments you'll ever make. It goes without saying that you'll want full confidence in your builder's future. Before you begin thinking about grading and framing and floor plans, reconsider the definition of this simple verb: to build. One of its primary meanings, is "to develop according to a systematic plan, by a definite process."

If you've never built a new home before, the prospect of building one can seem daunting, and full of so many unknowns. That's why we think it's helpful to remember that it is a definite process. At Suncoast, we know each step intimately. Take a moment to look them over. We think they'll help you see that the big picture isn't so big after all.

Decide on a builder
Begin by selecting a builder who specializes in the type of home you want to buy. Make sure they have experience in the area you want to build, and that they have a history of building quality homes. Other important questions to consider: When are they available to begin your project? Do they offer a comprehensive warranty? Are they financially stable? Take the time to check their references and talk to past customers.

Select a lot
Within a community, you'll be able to choose the location of your lot. This community may also include clubhouses, pools, golf courses, sports activity centers and other amenities, so you'll want to be sure to get information on the entire community, as well as the proximity of the available lots to these amenities. Typically, lots located close to such attractions as golf courses, clubhouses or lakes maintain a higher re-sale value.

Secure financing
Determine how much you want to borrow, at what rate, and for how long. We also have a Mortgage Representative to ask you for the standard documentation: your latest income tax returns, statements detailing your assets, your credit history, and so on. Keep in mind that your loan would be approved at the time you finalize the sales contract with the builder, but you won't assume the mortgage until the house is closed. During this time you may also decide you want to add more options.

Finalize sales contract
The sales contract will specify, to varying degrees, the dimensions and features of the proposed home, site plan, materials to be used, and delivery date. Reading and understanding all the documents may seem daunting, however, you won't be doing this alone. Knowledgeable sales and construction individuals will be there to help you through the process. In some states, you'll be required to submit your contract before an attorney for review before it's considered binding. Don't hesitate to ask questions.

Break ground
Home construction can take two months, the better part of a year, or sometimes even longer. The time of construction, however, is dependent on the complexity of the home, the availability of construction trades and materials, and, alas, the weather.

Home Additions

Keep your current address with the neighbors you already know and still get the space you need!

Many of our customers chose to add-on to their home, because their family was growing and they really liked where they lived. In this economy it makes more sense to add-on, then go through the trouble of selling your home and finding another good place to live. If you are contemplating moving, ask yourself this question: Do I really want to move or do I just need a little Extra Space? 

For Quality Home Addition Plans, Talk to an Expert in Home Additions
By far the best way to end up with good home addition plans is to consult a professional experienced in designing and building home additions in the first place.

When interest rates drop and home equity loans become affordable, an orchestra of hammers and saws arises across America. This is the sound of homeowners frantically building additions. An addition is the biggest home remodeling purchase you will ever make.

Advantages of Building an Addition

  • High Cost-Value Ratio

    Studies show that nearly all of the cost of a mid-range two-story addition may be recovered at time of sale.

  • Less Expensive than Purchasing New House

    While this might seem like a "no-brainer," it needs to be mentioned. It is typically cheaper to build an addition than to buy a new home that equals the space of your existing house plus addition. At the very least, the closing costs involved with selling your old house and buying the new house would push this option over the top.


  • Addition is 100% Your Creation

    You may have an old house, but the addition is space that you can claim as your own. It's like designing a whole new house without the expense of a whole new house. Fire up your design software and go for it!

  • Smartest Way to Add Space to House

    When you objectively look at the various ways to add space to your house, addition-building clearly comes out ahead of other methods, such as basement or attic remodeling or adding a sun porch.

Mobile Welding

Suncoast is a company that brings the welding to you. Some times you can't take the items to the shop, so why do it?  Let our Mobile Welding experts come to you!

We specialize in attacking the rust and corrosion that occurs on the Florida coast.  The damage to metal stairways at countless apartment complex and Condos is staggering and we have been called upon to repair the damage thus saving the owners significant dollars and ensuring the safety of the occupants.  Call us today to make your property better than new.



We enjoy the challenge of working with unique ideas that require a creative twist to bring your project to life. Metal fabrication is our business, but what’s more it’s our passion.

We can help you with any on-site welding needs including Metal Stairs, trailers, railings, handrails, fences, gates, security bars, brackets, tools, grates, frames, motor cycles (and more).  Suncoast Welding does oxy-acetylene cutting, welded structural repairs, and steel fabrication.  Residential – Automotive – Marine – Commercial



We can help you chose the best flooring to fit your needs and can expertly install on every substrate and in every room of your home.

Professional installation of hardwood or laminate by our trained installers means that your floors won't warp or buckle with seasonal changes of temperature and humidity. We can also create custom parquet designs, add decorative borders, and inset medallions to create a distinctive look for your home.

Hardwood Floor Facts:

  • durable (lasts a lifetime!)

  • great variety [of woods, patterns, stains, and finishes]

  • natural

  • stylish and eye pleasing

  • hypo-allergenic

  • affordable and worth every penny

  • easy to maintain

With many types of flooring, there are installation-friendly features – like tongue-and-groove interlocking systems – making them good options for handy do-it-yourselfers. Engineered hardwood flooring is a great example of this type of flooring, as for example is laminate flooring. Solid hardwood flooring, on the other hand, tends to be more expensive per square foot so mistakes made during installation can be substantially more expensive than working with engineered hardwood flooring or laminate flooring.

Click to go to  Bruce Hardwood Solid hardwood flooring is just as it is described – solid wood – and can be quite a problematic if a significant amount of your square footage becomes unusable due to errors. The safest bet (and a course of action which will assure that costly installation errors don’t dry up your budget) is to pay a little extra to hire a trusted, professional, flooring contractor to take on the job. Not only will unnecessary errors be less likely to be a problem, but the professional will also give you advice on how to maintain your floor after it has been installed and recommend the best products for cleaning a hardwood floor. This advice alone can save you money. And you’ll appreciate the peace of mind you’ll experience when you know that someone who is skilled and experienced in solid hardwood flooring is doing the installation, making your hardwood floor the most attractive and most stable floor it can be.

One of the major benefits of a hardwood floor is the sense of permanence it brings to a space. Your solid hardwood floor should be looked at as a highly valued, long-term feature of your home or office, so it’s best that the installation is done right the first time. There’s no point in cutting corners when it comes to adding real value to your property. Your hardwood floor is a valuable investment that will outweigh the short-term expense of having it installed by an expert.

Laminate flooring continues to be a popular choice due to its durable finish and beautiful, real wood and ceramic look. It is offered in a wide variety of colors, provides a long lasting finish, and it's ideal for both residential and light commercial areas.


Bamboo flooring is an attractive alternative to laminate or other flooring that matures into a merchantable size in three to five years. The appearance of bamboo is similar to wood flooring. It comes in vertical and flat-grain patterns and generally is offered in a light, honey or natural color and a darker, amber "carbonized" color.

Bamboo used for flooring is harvested from bamboo forests mostly in the Hunan province in China.  After harvest, the round, hollow bamboo stems are sliced into strips, boiled in water with a preservative, pressed flat, and processed into laminated boards. To achieve the dark amber color, the bamboo is pressure steamed and undergoes carbonization. The adhesive used to laminate the flooring is a urea-formaldehyde resin. Bamboo flooring can be dyed and stained on site if the natural or carbonized color options are not desired. Bamboo flooring comes unfinished or pre-finished. Bamboo flooring is similar to oak in dent resistance and dimensional stability.


Eucalyptus flooring. Photo credit: Weyerhaeuser Cork is actually the bark that is scraped off the Cork Oak tree, native to the Mediterranean basin.  The tree is not harmed by the removal of the outer layer of bark and the layer renews for harvesting every nine years.  In addition, most of the cork that is used in flooring is the waste from the cork wine bottle stopper industry, so this fast growing material is also recycled from use by another industry when it goes into flooring.
Cork’s specialized cell structure – honeycomb hexagonal cells comprised of 90% gas -  gives the material its light weight and low density.  These properties make cork flooring soft and resilient underfoot and dampen sound while providing insulation. 


Originally native to Australia, New Zealand, Tasmania, and nearby islands, eucalyptus is now being cultivated in South America as well as California.  Globally over 500 species of eucalyptus exist.  The tree can be harvested within 14-16 years due to the longer growing season of the climates where eucalyptus grows.

Kitchen (and Cabinet) Remodeling

Come in today for your free kitchen design and remodeling quote. After you approve the quote, you pay the design retainer, and we spend several hours with you designing the kitchen, drawing up the plans, and preparing the final budget. When major remodeling is needed, we visit your current kitchen while preparing the budget. We offer complete services including removal and reconstruction of the current kitchen, counter installation and custom cabinet design and manufacturing, or we do counters and cabinets only.

Our experienced designers help you with space planning, lighting planning and selection of many interior materials, the custom cabinet designs (or selection of high end kitchen cabinet brands), and selecting the appropriate counter materials. When the design is complete, we send it to you for review and approval. Our design retainer includes up to 3 revisions. The typical project goes through 1-2 revisions at the design stage, and takes it through to approved design and build.

A single designer is assigned to your project from the beginning, and will be your contact person until the actual work starts and you are assigned a project manager. The designer will also be available whenever you need them throughout the life of the project.

After you approve the design and final budget, work starts with a 60% deposit. The budget includes a schedule for work implementation.

Suncoast Construction & Development offers a limited lifetime warranty for all our kitchen and bath products. We design and build quality, and we stand by it. Please ask our designer for details.


In the business of home remodeling projects, a dependable, quality remodeler is a necessity when considering the major undertaking of a bathroom remodel, kitchen remodel, or adding on extra room(s) to your home. If you are not sure of what bathroom design or kitchen design to go with or simply just not sure where to have come to the right remodeler and contractor. We can help make the process easier, because we know that there are endless choices of kitchen and bathroom cabinets and fixtures, etc. to choose from. Your dream home can become a reality with the plans you have for your house and our experience as general contractors to do the job right. Please, take a look around the website, view the remodeling pictures and the before and "afters", and contact Suncoast Construction & Development to be your contractor for home remodeling.

We offer Full Service Bathroom Remodeling, including;

  • Tubs & Air Tubs

  • Vanities

  • Pedestal Sinks

  • Toilets

  • Custom Showers

  • Shower Doors

  • Ceramic Tile

  • Lighting & Fans


Suncoast Construction & Development can handle any type of interior woodwork in a house, including door and window casings, baseboards, crown and ceiling moldings, wainscoting and other wooden wall paneling, mantelpieces, cabinets, built-in furniture, and custom wood gates (view and buy online). We design and install all types of trim work, in modern and historic styles. 

Custom means Suncoast Construction & Development makes our interior moldings to your specifications  and we help you find the right profiles for your project to ensure that they will work for you. You know what you want and your search for it brought you here.


From Victorian porch moldings to a special trim designed to repeat the details of a raised panel wall, Suncoast Construction & Development is happy to bring the finishing touches to your home.


With years of experience in the roofing industry, Suncoast Construction & Development has worked hard to earn its reputation of impeccable honesty and integrity.  Our pride in workmanship, fair business practice, Suncoast customer service, and unsurpassed safety records, are just a few reasons Suncoast Products & General Contracting stands apart from other roofing companies.  We promise to continue providing this level of service to all customers: past, present and future!  Experienced roofers, who specialize in their field, so that the customer can be confident that our work meets and exceeds industry standards.



Impress Your Neighbors
With A Beautiful Low Maintenance Home Exterior!

Vinyl siding installation is a process you may not be familiar with until it becomes time to replace the siding on your own home. There is a lot to learn about which products to use and what procedures best meet your individual criteria. It's vital to know that you can rely on the siding contractor you choose to give you good advice. 

Hiring an Installer

The relationship you have with your contractor is an important one. The following questions can help you determine the reliability, reputation and experience of a contractor as well as dedication to providing you with the best vinyl siding system possible. We've outlined some important points to consider as you evaluate the terms of your proposed job contract.  Being confident you've selected the right siding contractor will help assure you that your hard-earned money has been wisely spent.

Be sure you interview the contractor and ask the following questions.  The Homeowner's Guide to Choosing a Professional Siding Contractor will help you determine why the answers to the questions below are so important.
• What is the full name and address for the company?
• Does the company carry insurance?
• Is the company licensed?
• Is the company credentialed?

• How long has the company been in business?
• What is the company's workmanship warranty? This is different than the product warranty.
• What is the company's track record for solving customer complaints?

Suncoast Construction & Development sells and installs the best quality vinyl siding on the market. Many styles are available. Let us dramatically improve the appearance of your home, giving you the satisfaction you deserve. Call for additional information and a FREE Estimate, Today. 


Concrete has been the primary building block of civilization for thousands of years. In earlier years, concrete contractors used the most rudimentary of technologies and equipment in the creation of cement buildings and roads. In spite of this, early concrete block buildings have remained standing for literally hundreds of years, proving the strength and durability of this Suncoast construction material.

Today, modern concrete construction companies use sophisticated construction technologies like tilt-up concrete construction, advanced concrete construction systems and the latest innovations in mixing and curing of cement to deliver safe and aesthetically pleasing cement buildings that will stand for decades. Thanks to the innovations of engineers and concrete contractors over the years, concrete construction is providing cement buildings that are larger, taller, more complex and more safe than ever before.

Typical Projects Include:

Patios * Hot Tub Pads * Driveways * Sidewalks * House/Building Foundations * Interior Finish-out Fill-ins * Parking Lots* Garage/Shed Pads* Fences posts * Pool Decks* Stamping/Staining * Acid Washing/Sealing

We offer a full array of Concrete construction services ranging from initial design/project layout, new construction, concrete repairs, enlargements, overlays, & demolition. We perform residential and commercial projects for both Homeowners and Contractors. 


Suncoast core drilling service of  Florida

We operate portable electric powered core drills with hollow diamond bits for drilling holes through concrete or rock, walls or floors.  With our coring equipment they have the knowledge and experience to efficiently apply our technology to make penetrations of any size, angle and depth.

We are located in Florida and serve the entire state.  We are licensed, insured, and members-in-good-standing in the Better Business Bureau.

Our business has over 15 years of previous work experience in concrete cutting and coring.  We take great pride in the quality of our service, and are recognized for being dependable.



Helping you turn your house into a home

Your house is one of your most valuable investments. More than that, it is the place where lives are lived and memories are made. It is your home. Our full suite of painting services offer


Painting/Color consultation
Priming/Faux finish/Wall texture
Wallpaper removal and installation
Drywall repair/Trim work


:  Painting/Color consultation/Power wash/
Stucco upgrades and repair/Gutter cleaning and repair/Trim work