Structural Vinyl Railings

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For over 12 years Structural Vinyl Railing systems have been chosen to complement, enhance and complete deck and balcony structures both large and small.

For beauty and durability in a vinyl railing product, nothing surpasses Structural Vinyl Railing.

Complement your architectural design by specifying Structural Vinyl Railing!

  • ►Worry free

    ►Easy to install

    ►Compliments any design

 Vinyl railing was pioneered over a decade ago and continues to break new ground with convenient knocked down kits.

Designed and packaged to be easy to order, stock and install, Structural Vinyl Railing continues to set new standards in railing systems. Structural Vinyl Railing captures the look of custom fabricated railing with a standard, stock, kit system. Easy to assemble on the job site, Structural Vinyl Railing enhances any architectural style.


Structural Vinyl Railing utilizes vinyl that is only virgin PVC: Designed for outdoor structural applications, all vinyl is of high-grade, exterior weather resistant compound impregnated with impact modifiers and UV inhibitors. This proprietary vinyl compound is designed specifically to withstand the harsh coastal environments. To ensure product performance, Structural Vinyl Rail does not allow co-extrusion in their manufacturing process, virtually eliminating visible damage from external sources.

Balusters are designed to maximize visibility and measure 1" outside diameter with 3/16" wall.

All vertical posts, horizontal rails and top rails have a 2" outside diameter with a 5/16" wall. Additionally, core posts inherit the strength of 1" schedule 80 galvanized steel tubing and a 2-1/2" -4" core tail that protrudes from the vinyl for core mounting applications.

Vertical flange posts also have 1" schedule 80 steel tubing which is welded to a 3/8" x 3" x 3" steel flange plate.  This plate is conveniently pre­-punched for 4,3/8" diameter lags and center punched for drainage. Finally it is hot-dipped and heavy galvanized to completely protect all surfaces and welds.

Maximum post spacing is 5'from centerline to centerline and maximum spacing between members is 4", based on code compliant testing data. Posts were designed with gentle radius 45° & 90° corners and have offset posts in each direction.

For strength that exceeds code compliance, top line horizontal rails boasts 1" schedule 40 galvanized steel tubing. Middle and bottom line horizontal railing have a 2" outside diameter with no internal stiffeners. Maximum continuous uninterrupted run is 50-75 lineal feet. This dimension allows for expansion and contraction which varies with environment.



Flange Mount (standard or angled): Structural Vinyl Railing posts can be easily and securely bolted to the deck surface using 4, 3/8" bolts, galvanized lag or through bolts. The decision of bolt style to be utilized should be driven by the needs of the application. For esthetic purposes, 2-piece Flange Mount base covers are available.

Core Mount: To create the most secure guardrail, install Structural Vinyl Railing's core mount posts. A 3" diameter x 2-1/2" - 4" deep core hole is required when setting in non-shrink hydraulic cement, which is the recommended method.

Fascia Mount: When a project requires the deck surface to remain clear, utilize Structural Vinyl Railing's fascia mount posts. When using this method, the vinyl covered steel stiffener will extend past the deck surface and vinyl capped on the bottom. The post can be bored and through-bolted to the surface of the decking or white, powder coated aluminum brackets can be used.

Wall Mount: When an end wall is available, Structural Vinyl Railing's system can be wall mounted using mini-flanges with covers.


Standard residential height is 36" while standard commercial is 42".

Standard configuration is level rail. All other configurations require custom fabricated components that are available through the Structural Vinyl Railing network of regional fabricators, located throughout the U.S.A.

Specially designed for use in installations where railing strength is especially critical: Multi-unit residential apartments, hotels, motels, condominiums, amusement parks, boardwalks, custom homes, water treat­ment facilities, food processing facilities, pools, commercial properties, municipal properties, parks and recreation facilities and more.

Structural Vinyl Railing is code compliant and independent test results are available. Structural Vinyl Railing carries BOCA-mandated strength and is ADA-compliant for retrofits. ADA compliance for 1-1/2" diameter handrail has been granted. Continuous Handrails can be easily fabricated onsite-from the top of the guardrail then up or down the staircase without a break.

Additionally Structural Vinyl Railing is non-conductive and fire-retardant for safety applications.

Technical Specifications

Design Friendly

• Clean lines and bright white gloss finish complements any design

• High curb appeal

• Smooth finish-no fasteners, clips, screws or rivets

• Clean lines-no welds to snag

• Seamless angles

• Gentle 45° and 90° radius corners are standard stock

• Custom work (components) available

Code Compliant

• 42" Structural Vinyl Railing is BOCA-mandated strength

• ADA-compliant retrofits easily accommodated

• ADA compliant 1-1/2" diameter handrail can be easily fabricated on site as continuous handrail-from the top of guard rail, up or down stairs without a break.

• Non-conductive for safety applications

• Fire-retardant

• Testing data available upon request

Exceptional Value 

• Very affordable, more durable than powder coated aluminum or stainless steel-with no corrosion or maintenance.

• Simple installation

• Quick, easy delivery

• Technical assistance just a phone call away

Built To Last

• Designed for harsh environments, resistant to salt air

• 5/16" wall thickness for strength and durability

• Designed to create confidence

• Top line joiners ensure strong connections at every joint

• Thick, strong walls permit a variety of configurations

•  Nicks, scuffs or cuts disappear with sanding, buffing and polishing the damaged surface (similar to solid surface materials)

Galvanized Steel Interior

• Extremely rigid, ideal for high-rise construction

• Strong and sturdy even over long spans

• Minimal contraction and expansion

• Allows for numerous types of mounts


Vinyl Exterior

• Maintenance-free with lifetime warranty

• Never needs painting

• Minimal visible seams

• Unique cope cut on horizontals means graceful curvilinear design

• Warm and friendly to the touch versus steel or aluminum

Suncoast prides itself on its field-trained staff and over a decade of experience. Customer service and technical assistance is always just a phone call away!